Grace Policy:

Grace Period is a term used to describe the time frame that a renter has after agreement expires before late charges apply. It is not as graceful as it used to be at one point.  So what happened that led just about every car rental company to cut back on their grace periods?  Nothing different happened that you do not already see in every industry. It simply looks like another way to get more profits out of rental business.  The chart below is missing some data because not everyone provides full disclosure on their policy.  You might have to call the company directly or wait until you visit the location so they can explain more details about late return fees.

Why is this information good to know?:

Even if you tend to do everything on time, there is still a chance that you might end up needing a rental for a day and a few hours due to travel accommodations such as airline departure/arrivals.  Knowing what the late fees are might help you make the decision on whether to rent for an extra day or pay late fees.

Additional Fees:

Keep in mind, that in addition to the late car rental fees, there may also be equipment and tax fees.

Take Caution:

All of the charges below were listed on the company’s official website.  However, they might state hourly charge before full day, but that does not mean that you will avoid full day charge at an earlier time along with other penalty charges. It is best to call and confirm with your rental company.

Comparison Chart Below:

Below is a list of car rental companies and rates that they charge for late returns.  The chart is interactive and sortable so you can compare different variable.  Find out who has the best grace policy

For Better Viewing on a small screen device: simply zoom out.

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