3 Key Factors For Weight Loss

Losing weight is not starving yourself through some fake diet. Shedding the pounds actually comes from a lot of different places.



 Start Exercising

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Whether you do it in your living room or join the gym down the street, any place that motivates you to exercise is ideal. Exercising is arguably half of the losing weight equation. Aside from shedding extra pounds, it fights depression, keeps the body healthy and otherwise improves every aspect of your life.

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If you can’t hold yourself accountable, find someone who will. Personal trainers are coaches and mentors. Many of them have been through the same struggles you’re currently fighting. While you may hate them at times for making you feel so tired, never doubt that they believe in you.

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Make sure to include weight lifting in your workout routine.  Yes, ladies, this means you. Weights are the preferred exercise of choice, way more than cardio. If you want a toned body like you see in magazines, lift weights. If you want to shed pounds, lift weights. The very act of moving around heavy objects promotes muscle growth while flushing out absurd amounts of fat.

 Diet and Nutrition

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This does not mean a cayenne and lemon juice diet. This does not mean cabbage stew. This doesn’t even mean low carb and low fat. A healthy diet is not starving yourself nor is it cutting away important things your body needs, like carbs and fats. Basic rules to follow to help you immediately start losing weight are to avoid sugars, avoid simple carbs in favor of complex and drop unhealthy fats in favor of the healthy. Making changes to your current diet may be necessary. However, avoid making drastic changes and eliminating too many types of food that your body is used to. Your body needs time to adjust; – this is the reason why so many diets fail to work. Instead, replace or eliminate one item at a time. Taking it gently will allow your body to adjust better in the long run, so it never feels like a diet.

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Consider using a weight logging app as you get more involved with your nutrition.  Tracking your meals can be a great way to see just how many calories you are consuming and the types of foods that primarily makeup your diet. Weight logging apps really work and can be a great health tool to have at your disposal. The concept behind weight logging apps is pretty simple and really easy for you to use. Just log every calorie and measure your weight periodically. Over time, you can increase or decrease your calories based on the amount of weight that you want to gain or lose.

Get Sleep

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When you’re tired, your brain is much more inclined to skip exercise or order a sugary latte. This is because sleep is necessary for good decision making and strong impulse control as well as for optimal metabolic function. Since we all know trying to lose weight is mostly a self-control adventure, you need as much willpower as possible to succeed.