Fashion bloggers gather all the useful information and bring it to your attention at a single place for your convenience of reading. While there are a number of different fashion blogs of different popularities on the internet, a few of the prominent ones have been accentuated below.

Most Interesting Fashion Blog Sites on the Web:

The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragn – 3,6 million followers
BlondesaladChiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad has to be one of the most popular fashion bloggers on the internet. At a young age of 27, she has managed to take fashion industry of Europe as well as North America by storm. She has worked with a number of different fashion brands all of which have reportedly claimed that her blog brings in a huge amount of traffic to their websites. Currently situated in Los Angeles, the young fashion blogger was featured in the cover of Lucky Magazine this February.


Sincerely,Jules by Julie Sariñana – 2,1 mil. followers  
Sincerely JulesSituated in Los Angeles, the 29 years old blogger is a relatively newer entry in the fashion industry with her blog, Sincerely Jules, launching in 2009. However, she manages to picture fashion in an easy and approachable style that has got Julie Sarinana a lot of appreciation. She has even launched her own line of t-shirts with are normally printed with inspirational and rarely with irreverent quotes.


Song of Style by Aimee Song  – 2 mil Followers
Song  of StyleAnother Los Angeles based fashion blogger, Aimee Song has worked hard to increase her reach to the audience at an exponential rate. If you are into straightforward street styles, Song Of Style is not going to disappoint you. Aimee doesn’t only tell you about the stuff that’s trendy in the fashion industry, she lets you define your own unique fashion statement.


Kayture by Kristina Bazan  – 1.6 mil followers
1388 KaytureKristina Bazan at a mere age of 21 with her fashion blog Kayture has managed to reach an incredibly versatile audience. A number of popular brands especially for elite class such as Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, and Piaget have partnered with the young blogger. The best thing about Kayture is that it features a whole range of outfits for just about any event that you’d be planning to attend in the near future.


Gary Pepper Girl by Nicole Warn
 – 1.1 mil followers
1388 GaryPAlthough Gary Pepper Girl was initially just an ordinary vintage e-commerce site back in 2009, the 25 years old Sydney based blogger, Nicole Warne, managed to feature in Lucky’s cover in February 2015. The original idea behind the blog was to model the clothes in order to promote the website and with sheer dedication, by the end of 2011, she managed to entitle herself with one of the largest vintage retailers in Australia who work online. With the passage of time however, blogging, which was supposed to be a side business grabbed all of her attention and she decided to shut down the e-commerce website by the end of 2012. Nicole now focuses solely on her blogging career.


We Wore What by Danielle Bernstein
1388 WeworethatAlthough the New York based blogger had no idea when he launched We Wore What as FIT undergrad that aimed at observing the fashion statements of the fellow students, it got transformed into one of the most popular fashion blogs on the internet. The personal style forum has also collaborated with TopShop for a design project.


Atlantic-Pacific by Blair Eadie  – 590k followers
1388 atlpacThe 29 years old blogger, Blair Eadie, bring a unique flavor of educated approach towards fashion via her blog Atlantic Pacific. Eadie has been associated and collaborating with names like Gap and Tory Burch which accentuates the benefit that she has as far as outfit posts are concerned. Since she is known for turning readers into customers, brands are absolutely privileged to work with her.


Fashion Toast by Rumi Neely
1388 fashiontoastRumi Neely has been in the fashion industry since 2007 with her insanely popular blog Fashion Toast. She adds a unique flavor of extensive photography involving mouth-watering clothes and poses which have influenced her followers deeply to say the least. She has collaborated with the elite brands over and again like most of the other popular fashion bloggers, but she takes the lead with her own line, Are You Am I, that has been launched recently. If you are fond of slip dresses, cut tees, and tap pants, it just doesn’t get any better than Fashion Toast.


Bryanboy by Yambao  – 525k followers
1388 bryanboyYambao is not only a fashion blogger himself but does also happen to be a best friend of Rumi Neely of Fashion toast. Starting his career as a mere diary keeper, Yambao has now managed to be one of the most popular fashion designer and blogger. Yambao with his fashion blog Bryanboy manages to lead the charts at all times by branching out and collaborating with a number of different brands and celebrities. He won the hosting spot for America’s Next Top Model for a number of seasons as well.


Gal Meets Glam by Julia Engel  – 451k followers
1388 girlmeetglamJulia Engel with her blog Gal Meets Glam is a relatively new entry in the fashion industry. However, she has already managed to earn the reputation and win the hearts of thousands of readers on multiple platforms such as pinterest and Instagram. Her styling has the same aesthetic as Lauran Conrad and thus appeals the readers profoundly.


Harper and Harley by Sara Donaldson  – 281k followers
1388 harperharleyIf you are fond of white, black, and grey and prefer the minimalist fashions, Harper and Harley is certainly going to be the choice for you. Aussie Sara Donaldson has been working with names like Gucci, Uniglo, Swarovski, Harpers Bazaar and even Nike. Not only has she collaborated with Tony Bianco, a shoe label of Australia, but she has also been entitled with the cast member on Fashion Bloggers that is all of a more reason to follow her.


Lust For Life by Olivia Lopez  – 233k followers
1388 lustfrolifeThe genius stylish behind one of the most popular fashion blogs on the internet, Lust For Life, is Olivia Lopez. Currently situated in Los Angeles, she has worked with Barneys, Teen Vogue, and Elle that tells you everything that you need to know about her reputation as a street style fixture. She has been in the industry since 2006.


Zanita by Zanita Whittington  – 223k followers
1388 zanitaZanita brings the finest documentaries of fashion from all over the globe at one place for your personal convenience. She is a perfect blend of photographer as well as a blogger who depicts fashion in a manner that you have never experienced before. Since Zanita has been a model herself, she knows the inside stuff too.


Style Bubble by Susie Lau  – 207k followers
1388 stylebubbleFeatures versatile information regarding the latest trends in the fashion industry along with the interviews of the popular fashion designers which are going to enable you to define your fashion statement in a unique manner. This is exactly why Style Bubble falls in the category of the best fashion blogs in all of UK. Hardly do you get to find someone from UK who is interested in the fashion industry but doesn’t follow Style Bubble blog.


What My Boyfriend Wore by Sergio Ines  – 170k followers
1388 whatmyboyfriendworeAlthough What My Boyfriend Wore was nothing more than an ordinary blog which was created by Sergio Ines, a South African blogger’s former girlfriend where she used to post the outfit that her boyfriend wore for the day, it soon became an all-out fashion blog for men that depicts men’s fashion for all ages and does also accentuates the events which occur in the fashion industry.


Egg Canvas Erica Choi  – 141k followers
1388 eggcanvasErica Choi is not only a fashion and lifestyle blogger but does also happen to be a digital art director who’s working for Barney’s New York. Both of her creative sides enable her to run an extremely successful blog by the name of Egg Canvas. Although she appeared in the industry only in 2014, she has already collaborated with names like Business Insider, Lucky, and Allure Korea.


Andy Heart by Ann Kim  – 125k followers
1388 andyheartIf you are into the minimalist fashions and styles, Andy Heart is going to be a commendable idea for you. Ann Kim, situated in Los Angeles, is one of the best players of the aforementioned category of the fashion industry. All you have to do is follow her and you’d certainly be able to learn a lot.


The Fashion Guitar by Charlotte G  – 124k followers
1388 eggcanvasDutch blogger Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren is a living example for mothers who want to be successful. With her blog, The Fashion Guitar, she brings the latest trends of fashion industry to your attention. Currently situated in New York, Charlotte has already been the stylist behind the shoot for Tibi. She was recently featured in Jimmy Choo as a top stylist.


Wide Eyes Legless by Madelynn Hackwith – 108k followers
1388 wideeyesleglessThe Minneapolis based fashion blogger, Madelynn Hackwith has collaborated with the huge names like J.Crew and Rachel Comey. She has been featured in WWD and W magazine and enjoys the titles of designer, stylist, art director, and consultant in the fashion industry. If you are in search of minimalist styles specifically suitable for the modern woman, Madelyn Hackwith has a treat for you on her blog Wide Eyes Legless.


Karla’s Closet by Karla Deras
1388 karlas closetOne of the conspicuous features of Karla’s Closet is that it combines the vintage items with the designer items in a flawless manner. Anything from the outfit to the shoe collection to the combinations of the two is being displayed at her blog in an indulging fashion.