New love is a joy heralded by great artists since art began. Be it someone you’ve only recently met or a longtime friend, bad traits can start to manifest themselves once things begin getting serious. While every relationship comes with its own set of problems, be careful to not let these problems grow and keep reoccurring.  When sweeping problems under the rug becomes the only resolution to your relationship issues, there might be a deeper issue at stake. With honesty and compromise topping the list of things you should do in a relationship, here are a few traits that should tell you to take another look at your situation.

 Abusive Behavior

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Hands down, if they knowingly hurt you emotionally, mentally and physically, now is not the time for counseling. Abusers never change no matter how hard you try to fight them. Do yourself a favor and get out immediately.

Need to be Needed

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For a relationship to work, both people must be fully realized individuals. They need to have their own lives, interests and hobbies outside of their partnership. This allows the two to grow and enrich one another. If, however, you require each other to do things to make one another feel any kind of happiness, you’ll simply end up stagnant and fall apart.


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Personal insecurities plague everyone. There’s nothing wrong with your loved one sharing their fears with you. The only insecurity that cannot be tolerated is relationship insecurity. In these situations, there’s no foundation, no common ground. Promises made are just as quickly forgotten, leaving you 100% invested in a partner that isn’t.

Poor Communication

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Distancing themselves emotionally and resorting to the “silent treatment” are terrible ways to figure out a problem in order to reach a compromise. It shows a lack of emotional maturity needed for a relationship to grow.  If you’re serious about your commitment to relationship, then try seeking a counselor for help.  Otherwise, you might be heading into a downward spiral. If your partner won’t even try to change their communication skills, find someone who will.

Lack Of Accountability

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If all you ever hear about is how every single problem is always your fault and never theirs, it’s time to put a stop to that behavior.  And if you tried to change this behavior for the better numerous times and with no luck, it might be time to pack your bags and move on. This is a clear indication that the partner you hold before you has a very hard time admitting their own faults, and a partner that won’t do that won’t ever try to better themselves.