The Power of Positivity

How you carry yourself determines a lot about how people think you think. It’s no surprise to the untrained eye that those walking around tall, shoulders back, head up and always making eye contact are confident. How do they achieve this? Are some of us naturally meek? The answer has more to do with your thoughts than it does your physicality.

It Takes about 60-90 Days to Change

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Thinking negatively is a habit. Your brain doesn’t know any other way to look at the situation. This means you must accept that changing the behavior completely will take dedicated work for about 3 months. If you’re diligent, this should be enough.

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Find a Happy Place

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The main trick is to immediately force your thoughts to go to your happy place as soon as you start thinking negatively. Your happy place is whatever you need it to be. It can be permanent or it can change from day to day. So long as you can get there easily, it’s a great choice.

It’s Difficult at Times

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The first week to two weeks will feel incredible. You’ll feel freer than you’ve ever felt. Revel in this, but be aware there will be a slump. About three weeks in, your mind will try to sabotage the change. It doesn’t want to change, after all. You’re the one trying to force it to. Stay strong and know this will pass in about a week.

 It Gets Easier with Time

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Once you get past the first slump, the rest is easy. Nothing is ever as intense for both good and bad. It becomes routine, leading to an easy, gradual change to a better outlook on everything.

Happiness is Confidence

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In the end, it’s the truly happy that also feel true confidence. They are able to see a way out of every problem, an outlook that gives them the power to believe that they can do anything. With this belief comes the ability to achieve anything.