Want to build muscle, strengthen your core, and lose fat? Are you too busy to go to the gym regularly? If so, start exercising at home! From squats and lunges to planks, there are lots of different exercises that require no special equipment. By working out at home, you can slim down and build a great body even if you’re five feet away from your couch.

Here are Five at home workouts you should try:


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The push-up is considered one of the best bodyweight exercises out there. This full body movement targets all major muscles, including your chest, shoulders, arms, back, quads, and abs. It also builds upper body strength, burns calories, and helps build stronger, denser bones.


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This classic strength exercise supports muscle growth, boosts testosterone levels, and keeps your joints flexible. Squats are the key to building an insanely strong lower body. They basically create an anabolic environment, which helps increase muscle mass and strength in all areas. The squat also burns fat, improves athletic performance, and makes you a better athlete.


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If you want tight abs, try doing crunches. This exercise targets the uppers abdominals and the obliques, improves your posture, and burns calories. There are several types of crunches that you try, and each targets different muscles. The reverse crunch, the bicycle crunch, the double crunch, and the vertical leg crunch will make your workouts more challenging.

 The Plank

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Planks seem to be the secret formula for a flat belly. This exercise is a favorite choice for many athletes and fitness models. Not only it strengthens your core, but also improves your overall balance, reduces back pain, and works all the muscles you need to maintain proper posture.

 Triceps Dips

Triceps dips are the perfect exercise for those looking to get rid of flabby arms. This move helps develop stronger triceps and boost your overall strength. All you need is a chair or a bench to support your arms when doing dips. The results will show up within weeks.